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CLOSE Patrol / Vacation Watch Request Form

  1. For an added sense of security, residents on vacation or out-of-town for longer than 24 hours are encouraged to utilize our CLOSE Patrol / Vacation Watch Program. Officers will periodically check your property during your absence to ensure that your residence is secure. If anything is found out of the ordinary during these checks, officers will contact the person you list on the form as an emergency contact. To request this service, homeowners need to complete the following information. All CLOSE patrol/vacation watch requests must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance and the frequency of these checks is dependent on the call load of the officers on any given day. 

    Note: The postal service also offers an online tool to stop your mail if you wish to suspend mail service while you are out of town.  The post office will hold your mail until you notify them of your return. For more information visit the USPS website.

  2. If we have any reason to believe that something is wrong (smoke, broken window, open door, etc.) while you are away, does the Oak Point Department of Public Safety have permission to enter your residence?*
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