Draining Your Pool

Per the City of Oak Point's Illicit Discharge ordinance, it is prohibited for water with a chlorine content greater than 0.1 ppm (parts per million) to enter the storm sewer system as highly chlorinated water can negatively impact aquatic life and the environment. Before you drain your pool for the season, be sure to review the following guidelines on how to drain your pool properly.

Step 1 - Dechlorinate

Natural Method: Stop adding chlorine to your pool and leave it uncovered for 10 days. In doing so, the sun will naturally break down the chlorine in the water. 

Chemical Method: Pool supply stores and similar retailers sell chemicals that you can add to your pool to dechlorinate the water. Be sure to adhere to all guidelines on any chemical products you use. 

After you dechlorinate your pool, be sure that the pH level is between 6 and 8. This can be measured using pH testing strips which are also available at pool supply stores. 

Step 2 - Safely Drain

Once the water in your pool has been dechlorinated and is at a safe pH level, you are ready to drain it. Begin pumping from the deepest part of your pool and let the water filter through your lawn. Make sure your lawn is free of any pollutants such as excess debris, pet waste, fertilizers/herbicides, and other contaminants that could be carried into the storm drain with your pool water runoff. 

Have more questions about draining your pool? Check out this article or call your local pool company for assistance.