The Eagles Landing subdivision is served by CoServ Electric. Electric service may be initiated by contacting CoServ at 940-321-7800 or 800-274-4014.

Other areas of Oak Point are served by Oncor Electric Delivery. Homeowners may obtain electric service from a variety of Retail Electric Providers (REPs). Rate plans offered by REPs can be compared at the Power to Choose website.

Important Note

Whenever electric service is discontinued to any building, home, or premises within the City of Oak Point due to a change in occupancy, a change in electrical providers, a name change on an account, or any other cause, re-connection of electric service will not be made until a Certificate of Occupancy is obtained from the City of Oak Point. The Certificate of Occupancy will not be issued until the City's building inspector has inspected the home to confirm that fire detectors have been installed throughout the home and to determine that the home is free of faulty wiring. The cost of the Certificate of Occupancy and inspection is $50. Please contact City Hall at 972-294-2312 ext 101 to initiate an inspection.


Water service is provided to the citizens of Oak Point by two different companies. The service provider is dependent upon the location of the property. Learn more by visiting our Water Service page.

Wastewater (Sewer) / Septic Systems

Wastewater generated in the Woodridge Estates, Gates of Waters Edge, and Wellington Trace subdivisions is treated at a centralized wastewater treatment plant operated by the Upper Trinity Regional Water District. Residents in these subdivisions must establish wastewater service accounts with the Mustang Special Utility District at 940-440-9561. The City of Oak Point no longer provides wastewater services as of July 1, 2015.

Properties in the Oak Point area that treat their wastewater with individual septic systems are required by law to register their septic system with the City of Oak Point and maintain and inspect their systems three times per year by a certified maintenance provider and make reports to the City. For more information, contact Building Permits at City Hall at 972-294-2312, ext. 2 or by email.


Natural gas service is provided by Atmos Energy. for residents to the east of FM 720 (Wildridge, Woodridge Estates). To start, stop, or transfer service, call 888-286-6700 or click here.

Trash & Recycling

Republic Services, operating as Allied Waste, provides the solid waste and recycling services for all residents of Oak Point. Solid waste collection is by subscription. New customers may call Republic Services/Allied Waste at 972-422-2341 to begin service or apply online. Residents are billed quarterly by Republic Services/Allied Waste. For more information on Trash and Recycling, please visit our Trash and Recycling page.


Oak Point residents have a number of options available to them for telephone service. Residents may choose to utilize the All Connect website to assist them with their service selection.

Cable / Satellite TV

Browse companies that offer cable and satellite TV service in Oak Point.


Browse companies that offer internet service in Oak Point.