Septic Inspection

On-Site Septic Facilities

A large percentage of homes in Oak Point use individual on-site septic facilities (OSSFs) to treat their wastewater. Chapters 366 of the Texas Health and Safety Code and Chapters 7 and 37 of the Texas Water Code set forth regulations for the operation of OSSFs.

Design & Repair

Plans for new septic facilities and repairs to existing facilities must be reviewed, inspected, and approved by the City of Oak Point. You must submit an Application for a Septic System Permit (PDF).


Residents of homes with septic systems have the choice of entering into a maintenance contract with a certified septic system maintenance provider or maintaining their system themselves after taking a six-hour State approved educational course on system maintenance. Maintenance reports are to be filed with the City three times per year.

Homeowners who wish to complete the approved course may contact:
Sun Communications
Area Served: Denton
Contact: John Hallen
Phone: 940-465-1088

Course details are as follows:

  • Course Name: Aerobic Treatment System
  • Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Training Hours: 6
  • Course Code: 0431
  • Mode: Class


Complaints regarding septic systems that may be improperly installed or maintained or that are felt to be a threat to the public's health may be submitted to the City of Oak Point at 972-294-2312.