Municipal Court

Municipal Court Judges

  • Honorable David P. Moore
    Municipal Court Judge
  • Honorable Barbara Gailey
    Associate Judge

Mission Statement

To be courteous and impartial to all citizens who appear in Court, to provide accurate and expedient information that will lead to an equitable end. To ensure accurate records are kept and all reports are handled in a timely manner, to meet requirements set by State Legislature and Government, and to maintain the dignity of the Court.

Court Function

The Municipal Court is responsible for customer service and collections, which includes receiving and entering all charges, assisting defendant with payments or processes leading to the final disposition of their case(s). The Court is also responsible for the preparation of arrest warrants, subpoenas, summons and other Court paperwork, including reports to State and city officials. Court personnel also schedule Trials and other Court proceedings and keeps records of cases and proceedings.


The City of Oak Point Municipal Court has jurisdiction over Class C Misdemeanors and City Ordinance Violations that occur within the corporate city limits and are punishable by fine only. The charges processed in Municipal Court can be filed by city, and/or a variety of city employees, code enforcement, environmental services, and animal control. 

Options for Handling a Citation

Read our Options for Handling a Citation Brochure (PDF) for information on:

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Please note, only the defendant or an attorney representing the defendant may enter a plea. If you are sending somebody to pay for you, they must bring in a signed statement with your plea and signature.


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