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  1. The Oak Point Police Department is pleased to provide its residents with the Vacation Watch Program.

    The program is available to residents who plan to be out of town for an extended period of time.  Homeowners can request a vacation watch and a police officer will check the residence (at least once per shift) to ensure the premises are secure.

    How do I request a Vacation Watch?

    Please fill out our online Vacation Watch form below.  Online forms are processed during normal business hours.  If you cannot access the online Vacation Watch form, don't hesitate to come into the DPS lobby and fill out a paper copy.

    Can I change my dates if I return early or extend my vacation?

    Yes, no problem!  We ask that you call the non-emergency number, 940-349-1600 ext. 9 and speak with an on-duty Oak Point Supervisor.  Please include your name, house address, and change of information, and we will inform our officers of the update.

    Note: The postal service also offers an online tool to stop your mail if you wish to suspend mail service while you are out of town.  The post office will hold your mail until you notify them of your return. For more information visit the USPS website.

  2. If we have any reason to believe that something is wrong (smoke, broken window, open door, etc.) while you are away, does the Oak Point Department of Public Safety have permission to enter your residence?*
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