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Public Information Request Form

  1. City of Oak Point Public Information Request Form

    100 Naylor Road

    Oak Point, TX 75068-2201

    Phone: 972-294-2312

    Fax: 972-294-1619

    Oak Point Website
    Email the City Secretary

  2. All requests must be in writing and directed to the City Secretary.

  3. Note

    The Public Information Act is very lenient in what it considers public information; however, the “Act” does not require nor does time permit this office to do general research, so please be very specific in your request. The City will fill requests for documentation that the City has in existence, but will not create documentation as part of a public information request. Due to time constraints and the routine day-to-day functions of our office, we may be unable to produce the record you have requested immediately. The request may take up to 10 business days starting the day after the request is received. If such is the case, you will be notified by phone, or in writing of the time you may pick up your documentation and the cost for reproducing this information. While it is the intent of this office to furnish requested data in a straightforward manner, occasionally a requested item may not be considered a matter of public record. In these instances, we will seek the advice of the Texas Attorney General and will notify you of any delay in processing your request.

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