Citizen Communication Program

Citizen Communication Program

With one of the City’s guiding goals being to “inform and seek input from citizens through a variety of communication efforts,” the City of Oak Point has implemented several tools to communicate with its citizens. The City of Oak Point’s Citizen Communication Program involves a comprehensive website, a quarterly newsletter, and automatic email updates. As a city of less than 3,000 citizens served by a City Hall of only five employees, Oak Point is very proud of its award-winning, multi-faceted Citizen Communication Program.


The first element of the City’s Citizen Communication Program is a website. The City of Oak Point’s website includes a wealth of information. In addition to the standard forms, contact information, public hearing notices, links to codes and ordinances, new resident information and overviews of departments and services, the Oak Point website includes a community calendar to inform citizens of community events and meetings, an archived list of Information Bulletins that inform citizens of community news, and section that provides citizens with the ability to subscribe to automatic email updates.

Automatic Email Updates

The next element of the City’s Citizen Communication Program is the distribution of automatic email updates. After subscribing to receive automatic email updates, citizens are emailed information bulletins regarding community news, City Council meeting agendas, and quarterly newsletters. This element of the program was recently expanded to also notify subscribers of significant weather events on the Oak Point area. For more information regarding the City's mass communication and emergency weather notification system, please visit our Blackboard Connect page.


The final element of the City’s Citizen Communication Program is the City’s newsletter, the Country Place Bulletin. The Country Place Bulletin is distributed on a quarterly basis. The newsletter contains information regarding special events, City services, meeting dates, and other recent news. The newsletter ties to the other two elements of the Communications Program by including footers on each page of the newsletter that reference the City’s website address and remind citizens to subscribe to the City’s automatic email updates on the City’s website. The current and past editions of the Country Place Bulletin can be found in our Archive Center.

2012 Excellence Award in Municipal Programs

The Texas Municipal League (TML) recognized the City of Oak Point's Communication Program by presenting the City with a 2012 Municipal Excellence Award in the Communication Programs category for cities under 25,000. With there being approximately 1,100 cities in Texas with populations of less than 25,000 people, this award is no small achievement. Please view a Video Overview of the Communications Program (WMV).