Burn Information

Check Burn Day Information

Thinking about burning today? First view the Denton County Site for Burn Day Information. You may also call Denton County at 940-349-2840 to check on burn day information. Information is available by 9 a.m. daily.

Contact the Department of Public Safety

The City of Oak Point requires all controlled burns to be reported to the City prior to burning. Fill out the Controlled Burn Information Form (PDF) and fax it to Oak Point Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 972-294-3333 or you may submit your form electronically. To report your burn directly to the Oak Point DPS, you may call 972-294-0000.

If you live outside of the City limits, please contact the Denton County Emergency Services Office 940-349-2840 to obtain a burn permit and notify the Oak Point DPS of the burn.


All burn information must be reported before the burn is to occur.  There must be a water source on hand for all burns and the burn must be monitored at all times. All burns must be completed an hour before sunset.

If you fail to report your burn or violate any requirements, it may result in citations being issued and a fine amount of up to $500. 

Items That Can Be Burned

The following items can be burned:

  • Organic/Natural Materials
    • Brush
    • Timber
    • Untreated Lumber
    • Yard clippings

Items That Cannot Be Burned

The following items cannot be burned:

  • Chemicals
  • Rubber/Tires
  • Treated lumber