Animal Control

The City contracts with All American Dogs for animal control services. These services include containing stray animals and periodically patrolling neighborhoods to enforce the City’s animal control regulations as outlined below.

Reports of stray or at-large animals may be made to All American Dogs at 972-382-3647 or, if after hours, to the non-emergency number of the Oak Point Department of Public Safety at 972-294-0000. After receiving a call, the Oak Point Department of Public Safety will make a determination to dispatch a police officer or animal control officer.

Animal Control Regulations

  1. At-Large or Stray Animals
  2. Animals Disturbing the Peace
  3. Keeping Large Animals
  4. Keeping of Poultry & Fowl
  5. Limit on the Number of Animals
  6. Vicious Animals
  7. Wild Animals
  8. Animal Traps

It shall be unlawful for any owner or person in control of an animal, other than a cat, to be “at-large”. At-large means:

  • Any animal that is not restrained by means of a leash or chain of sufficient strength and not more than six feet in length to control the actions of such animal while off the owner's property.  
  • Any animal not confined on the premises of owner by:
    • A substantial fence (including electric fences) of sufficient strength and height to prevent the animal from escaping there from
    • A metal chain or leash sufficient in strength to prevent the animal from escaping from the premises and so arranged that the animal will remain upon the premises and not come any closer than six feet to a public walkway or sidewalk when the restraint leash is stretched to full length

Animal Surrenders

The City does not offer an animal surrender (giving up a pet) service. The Metropolitan Animal Coalition provides assistance with animal surrenders. 

Lost Pets

All American Dogs provides animal control services to the City of Oak Point. As part of their daily outreach, they pickup stray animals and try to get the animals back to their owners. In cases where the owner cannot be located and the dog is adoptable, All American Dogs reaches out to both the internet community and their local communities to find loving homes.

If you have lost your pet, please check Recently Found Pets on the All American Dogs website. In addition to viewing their website, All American Dogs may be contacted at 972-382-3647.